Terms and Conditions


  1. Order Minimum: 25 4-packs opening order minimum and re-order minimum

  2. Placing Orders: Orders can be placed above, or through orders@getglo.com.

  3. Shipping: Your order will typically ship in 3-5 business days, depending on demand and availability.

  4. Return Policy: We don't accept returns for sanitary reasons, but we will replace defective or damaged items based on our discretion. Please email us with pictures and we'll do our best to make things right!

  5. Other terms/MAP: We enforce MAP pricing to keep sales fair. Selling on amazon.com and other third party seller websites is prohibited without prior approval from Vibe, LLC. We also require permission for selling our products outside of a retailer's approved brick and mortar location. MAP is $9.00. "Buy 3 Packs, get the 4th Pack free" is an acceptable promotion, however, this promotion may last no longer than 2 weeks and must include a minimum 4 week period between promotions, during which time MAP pricing must be reinstated.

By placing a wholesale order through Vibe, LLC or our affiliates, you accept these terms. We're excited to have you on board!


The Vibe, LLC Recurring Order Agreement (“Agreement”) is an enforceable agreement which is required to be carried through the term limits stated. Billing information will be entered by customer and Vibe, LLC will charge the credit or debit card listed for the total price, period, and duration stated on the Order Form.

By completing this order, purchasers agreeing to opt in to the Agreement agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The minimum quantity of product allowable to be purchased through this agreement is 6000 pieces, bulk ordered. Customer may increase quantities by emailing sales@getglo.com and gives permission for Vibe, LLC to implement pricing adjustments corresponding to the increased number of product and I give permission to authorize these charges.

  2. I have supplied Vibe, LLC, with a credit card number(s) along with expiration date(s).

  3. All purchases made by me will be paid in this way by me until the end of the agreed upon duration of recurring payments. By default, this is six months from the date the order form was filled out and submitted.

  4. I understand and agree that the products selected on will be sent to me at the address provided each and every thirty days (month), for the duration of the recurring terms.

  5. If I wish to increase product quantity during this Agreement, I can do so by contacting Vibe, LLC via sales@getglo.com

  6. If my changes are received before my next items are shipped, normally within 1 day of my next Recurring Order(s) shipment date, changes will be made. Otherwise changes will be implemented in time for the following order to be shipped.

  7. I understand that the price quoted by Vibe, LLC is valid for the duration of the Reoccurring period, as specified in the order form. If I elect not to renew before the Reoccurring period ends, pricing on Products is subject to change. In addition, Vibe, LLC must provide fifteen days’ notice if price changes are to occur (applies to existing and new orders).

  8. Prices and shipping fees will be automatically adjusted to reflect any such amendments.

  9. I authorize Vibe, LLC to establish an automatic credit card debit arrangement as specified in the to pay for each monthly Subscription order (to cover product cost, shipping fees and sales tax).

  10. Vibe, LLC will make no other charges to my credit card account except those that I have authorized. (Sales tax charges may fluctuate in accordance with changes in applicable sales tax rates).

  11. In order to prepare my product to ship on the indicated date, I understand that my credit card may be charged up to 7 days prior to the scheduled shipment date.

  12. I shall hold Vibe, LLC harmless for all special or consequential damages, whether direct or indirect, resulting from any wrongful debit to my account.

  13. I understand and agree that this Agreement is binding and that I must provide new billing information in the event that the original provided billing information fails to process for any reason.

  14. I understand and agree that Vibe, LLC may terminate this Recurring Order agreement by providing ten days’ notice to me.

  15. Aside from any Vibe, LLC instituted termination of Agreement, this Agreement will remain in effect for the duration of the Recurring period.

  16. I understand that all products ordered are sold as final sale for sanitary purposes. However, Vibe, LLC will replace broken or damaged product at its discretion.

  17. I understand that Vibe, LLC reserves the right to modify the Recurring Order Agreement at its discretion without prior notice.

  18. When a challenge arises with Auto-Delivery payment processing, a courtesy call is made to the Customer by Vibe, LLC.

  19. For orders over 30 days late, a 5% late fee will be assessed for every 10 days past this point, up to 15% of the invoice’s total value. After this point (60 days from the invoice’s original due date), the account will be turned over to collections.

This is a binding contract between myself, the company represented on the Order Form (if any), and Vibe, LLC. I understand that I must fully pay for all monthly charges for a duration of at least six months.