Episode Three | Mississippi's College Town

Episode Three | Mississippi's College Town

Pals of Glo,

Right after Episode One of East Lampkin aired, it was really amazing to see how many people tuned in - almost 10,000! Thank you! We had people all over the USA, and beyond, that watched the first episode. This gave us a good sense for who our audience was and has (hopefully) allowed us to tailor future videos to show all of you non-locals what a typical day looks like for a start-up company here in Mississippi. We're hoping to clear up misconceptions, offer advice, show our community's support, and encourage others with ideas to not be afraid to give them a try. It might not work out, but if you have a chance to try something - you should. 

Our small town of Starkville was just named "Best Place to Live" by Mississippi Magazine and we couldn't agree more - so we've taken a slight segue in this video to simply show Starkville - and list below how this small town has been a huge positive for our company.

The probability of a company becoming "successful", which we'll define as being profitable, correlates strongly with cost of living, various support structures, the product/service offering, among others. In Starkville, we're able to pay our employees decent wages, we have wonderful community support, and we want to showcase that. If this were Nashville, San Francisco, Austin, or Seattle, our company - and many others - wouldn't exist. We believe more than having a successful company is having a company that is creating jobs, creating a positive impact on the community, and working to create products that people love. Our town of Starkville has allowed us to do that, and we'd love for you to see the town that we slowly have learned to love. 

If you're thinking of starting a company, look around you at the resources you already have. They might turn out to be your secret weapon.

As always, we appreciate each of you that tune in. Feel free to reach out to us via Facebook, Instagram, or right here on the website and let us know if there's something you'd like to see. 

Thanks for your support - we'll see you next week!


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