Episode One | Welcome to our Office!

Episode One | Welcome to our Office!

Hi all,

Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to East Lampkin! This is our first video and we're excited to finally get around to showing off our new space. Take a look at the video and continue reading below to learn more about where we work and what this series is all about.


East Lampkin is a mini-series created by our own Hugo Garcia. We've recognized that not many startups in Mississippi tell their story or have a means to do so. We wanted to show others what we're working on, what the start-up landscape looks like in Mississippi, and give a glimpse into our day-to-day, with hopes that it influences or inspires those of you out there with an idea of your own. Each week, the blog will focus on one aspect of the video that the team wants to bring special attention to. This week, it's The Bungalow


One of my favorite parts of the building is our co-working space, which we've named the Bungalow. When Glo was started, one of our biggest problems was finding affordable office space. We know it's hard for startups to start up, and are trying to eliminate those pain points. By offering space in the Bungalow, smaller companies can grow and develop their idea - with the plan that they eventually become self-sustaining and can also start giving back. We hope that this model is one that continues to grow. 



The team is hard at work creating new products, working to get Glo into new retail spaces, and continuing to find ways to give back. If you're around the Starkville, MS area, we'd love for you to drop by and say hello!

Stay tuned. Each week, a member of the team will write the blog post. We'll focus on a new tidbit of something going on in our world - with hopes that it helps or inspires something in yours.


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