Episode Four | The Pathway to Success

Episode Four | The Pathway to Success

Thanks for sticking with us!

East Lampkin was a side project that we put our awesome videographer, Hugo Garcia, on and he absolutely knocked it out of the park. We are so thankful to be a part of Starkville and to be surrounded by such a supportive community, university, and team. To backtrack, we started in Episode One with a tour of our office. Episode Two talked further about how Glo was started and why our team chose to stay in Mississippi. Episode Three took a segue to show you around the charming town of Starkville. Lastly, Episode Four focuses on following the pathway from college to city, showing how an idea born on campus, through the help of Mississippi State University's Center for Entrepreneurship and Outreach, can turn into a company - one that is creating jobs and transforming the landscape of our city. 


As you saw above, our journey started at Mississippi State's Center for Entrepreneurship and Outreach (CEO), where we showed how small student teams can utilize tools and funding. As teams follow the process, refine their ideas, and develop a path towards profitability, another group steps in to help bridge the gap between college and city: the Greater Starkville Development Partnership. The GSDP has picked up the torch and provided low-cost rent to these growing teams. As Rahul Gopal with CampusKnot explains, this pairing between the GSDP and the CEO allows companies to retain low overhead, while transitioning into the city. They can continue refining their product, as they venture towards profitability. 

The last step in this process - completing the move from college to city - is when companies move out of the GDSP into a space of their own, much like Glo has done. This puts vetted, qualified businesses with a large potential of growth firmly rooted in our city. As these teams grow, they hire locally, and understand the importance of reinvesting into the community.

We believe that this is a model that can work. Teams grow together, they stay together. We keep talented graduates from leaving Mississippi, and the more talented people we can retain, the more opportunities for growth that we have.

Lastly, if you've followed us for these past four episodes, the Glo team would like to say "thank you"! If you'd like to try Glo, simply follow the link here and get Glo for free, we just ask that you pay shipping. 


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