Beyond the Beverages

Beyond the Beverages

Glo is used regularly in drinks at celebrations and parties of all kinds, but Jesse and her son Bishop found a unique use for Glo in their daily lives. We first heard their story last year, but we couldn't help but include Bishop in our week of features because of how special the story is. 

Bishop is autistic and has struggled in the past with bath time. His mom, Jesse, saw Glo being used in drinks and thought it could help her in another way. Since Glo cycles through nine different colors, Bishop can focus on the colors rather than the anxiety a bath may cause. Glo also only works when submerged in liquid, so ending the bath early means no more fun, colored lights. This combination made for the perfect fix to get Bishop through bathtime in an atmosphere he and his mom can enjoy!

Jesse said, “Thank you for making such a cool product! I know I’m not using them as intended but whatever works, right?”

We love seeing how Glo can go beyond just beverage lights. Have a cool story of you or a friend using Glo? Email us at


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