Glo Sample - Ice Cube Shape (2 pack)

Glo Sample - Ice Cube Shape (2 pack)


Want to try Glo? Just pay shipping and get two Glo cubes on us!

You'll receive a 2 pack of Glo, for free*! Glo is a lighted drink enhancer that, when dropped into any liquid, illuminates the container and cycles through a range of colors. Scroll for additional information.

Glo is safe, non toxic, assembled in the USA, BPA, Hg, and phthalates free.

Glo automatically lights up when placed in any beverage and color cycles through 9 different colors.

Glo dynamically cycles from one color to another, NO jarring or annoying flashing colors.

Glo turns off immediately when a drink has been consumed or Glo is removed from a beverage. No drying. No waiting.

Glo is battery operated and sealed tight for safety. The batteries are non-replaceable, but the units are reusable and can last for weeks.

Quantity 1 maximum per customer. Quantities above 1 are subject to cancellation. We also reserve the right to cancel international orders if shipping costs surpass the quoted price during checkout.

*Pay only $5.49 for shipping - US customers only.

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